Volunteering in Rotary Youth Exchange is a rewarding opportunity to work with the future. Every exchange student that is helped by you is a very real leader of a better, more peaceful society. The basic values of the Rotary Youth Exchange are to promote peace through understanding. By learning about another culture, learning another language, by becoming internationally aware of the greater world, lends itself to understanding, peaceful undertakings, and cultural understanding. To volunteer in Rotary Youth Exchange is to learn how to serve the youth of today in order to build a better tomorrow. How great an experience is that for you as a volunteer?

There are many ways that you can serve as a volunteer in Youth Exchange. You can volunteer to explain the program to high school teachers and counselors. You can serve as a counselor during an in-bound youth’s experience. You can serve on the New Generations Team in your club. You can serve as a member of the district’s youth exchange committee. You can host a student. And, it doesn’t stop there. You don’t always have to be a Rotarian to serve on a committee or host a student. Rotary opens its arms to all those who wish to serve.

To volunteer, start the process by clicking here.

Ohio Erie Rotary Youth Exchange