Short Term Program

Family to Family Exchange

The Short Term Exchange Program (STEP) is an easy and affordable way to participate. Through STEP, young people ages 15 to 18 from many different countries get the opportunity to spend a summer together, learning about different countries and cultures.

Our Program

Your son or daughter will be hosted by his/her matched family in another country (usually for four weeks) during the summer. Your family will reciprocate by hosting your matched international student for a similar period. Most of the time your student will travel first, but not always. Some countries have "split-exchanges" with each student traveling during their school breaks (typically December-January). So students may have the added bonus of auditing school for a time during their exchange.

What Does it Cost?

The parents and student pay the cost for the student's airline ticket, a Rotary administrative fee and for short term health insurance. The total cost for a student is less than $1,000 (plus the airline ticket which varies greatly by destination.)


Rotary programs begin with a local Rotary Club. To learn more about the Ohio-Erie Short Term Exchange Program, please contact John Koetz by clicking here.

John can provide additional information and put you in touch with a local Rotary Club member that can get you get you started on an experience that will change your life!

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