Long Term Outbound Student Information

How Do You Apply?

You should begin your application by contacting your local Rotary Club. If you don’t know a member of your hometown club, you will also be able to find information in order to make that contact by contacting the District Youth Exchange Chairperson. A link to your District can be found on this website's homepage in the window entitled "FIND YOUR ROTARY DISTRICT AND APPLICATION". Simply select your State or Province and the then your County to be directed to your District's information.

The Rotary Selection Process

Students and parents sometimes mistakenly believe that making an application and being selected to be a Rotary Exchange Student automatically means that the student gets to choose the country in which he or she wants to make the exchange. Each student completes a Country Selection Form (A copy of the form is found under the tab, "Forms.") From the list of countries on the form, the student identifies in a priority order the top ten countries in which he/she wishes to go. A committee of officers from Ohio-Erie, reviews the applications. Based on qualifications and skills as well as countries the student has selected, the committee makes a decision as to which country the exchange student is appointed to go as an Ambassador of Rotary Youth Exchange.

Because Rotary Youth Exchange is an "exchange," by agreement, Ohio-Erie has established a set number of students who will be traded with a given country. Some countries agree to exchange only one student while others may agree to exchange as many as 15. Any country to which Ohio-Erie agrees to exchange, must equal in exchange the number agreed upon between countries or multi-districts. The officers who make up the selection committee review each application in detail making the appointments with deliberation and caution. Should a student be appointed as an Ambassador Rotary Youth Exchange Student to a country to which he/she does not wish to go, the student has the right of refusal. The exercise of the right of refusal terminates the exchange.

All of the volunteers who have worked with Rotary Youth Exchange have heard many stories about students who did not get their "first choice." Almost always, when the youth exchange returns, he/she believes that the country to which they were sent could not have been better. Rotarians want their Youth Ambassadors to not only gain language and cultural experiences, but Rotarians also want them to become ambassadors of peace and understanding. A great Youth Exchange experience begins with an openness to experience that which has not been experienced before. Something in your application has led Rotary to believe that the exchange student will be an ambassador of peace and understanding.

Ohio Erie Rotary Youth Exchange

Ohio Erie Rotary Youth Exchange