Rotarians in the Ohio-Erie Multi-Districts and those associated with overseas clubs will do their best to provide satisfactory care to all students. Part of this care includes putting into safeguards such as background checks of families, counselors during the exchange, monthly counselor reports, and immediate country to country contact in case of emergencies. In short, Rotary provides a carefully planned support system.

Having said that, an exchange student should not expect the same creature comforts as they enjoy in their home or their country. Host families are expected to provide a safe environment, but one that represents the culture of their country and their family. Family traditions and customs differ from country to country and family to family. Food and living quarters will not be exactly the same as students experience in their own homes. In many cases they would be comparable; in other situations they might possibly be described as "better" or, infrequently, "not as desirable". Precisely because there ARE differences in living standards and cultures throughout the world, Rotarians cannot guarantee students "absolutely perfect" conditions or care. If students expect the same "creature comforts" overseas that they have become accustomed to, it is possible those expectations might not be met. The expectation that should be recognized is that a cultural exchange is bound to be a different kind of experience. If one is open to that difference, the exchange expectations will be met.

Ohio Erie Rotary Youth Exchange