Host Families

Key to Rotary's Exchange Program

While the hosting of an Inbound by the parents of an Outbound student is not an obligation, our Districts have discovered that many parents of Outbounds find enjoyment in taking part in the program when they open their hearts and home to an Inbound student for three months. An ideal exchange is one that places an Inbound in two to four different homes during a school year. It is not essential that hosts be Rotarians. In fact, Clubs are encouraged to seek non-Rotarian families to serve as hosts, and these families may or may not have children. Successful exchanges also take place in single parent households. Regardless of the host family format, motivation is a critical factor. The family must be realistic about their reason for wanting a foreign student in their home - NOT because they think it is something they should (or feel that they have to) do or certainly not out of a desire for prestige or social acceptance. All members of the family must want the student and the opportunity to experience a different culture within the home. EVERYONE who participates in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, from the student who wants to study overseas, his/her parents, and Rotarians in sponsoring Clubs, needs to be aware that for this program to continue providing young students an opportunity to study overseas, our Districts have to rely upon parental, community and Club support to obtain host families for our Inbound students.

Host Family Forms and Information

The documents that you can download in this section include a guide to what is expected of a host family along with the Ohio-Erie Host Family Application. This application is an Acrobat file that can be completed on your computer so that you have a typed application that is easy to read. You can also save the application so that it can be used later or e-mailed. The interview checklist outlines the items that the Rotary club volunteer will cover during the interview. All host family references are checked by the Rotary club volunteer and all members of the host family older than 18 have background checks conducted by the Rotary district. Background check findings are strictly confidential and are maintained in a secure location. Each host family has an orientation session and views the 'Host Family' section of the Ohio-Erie training DVD.

Become a Host Family

Go to our on-line application and start the process toward becoming a Rotary Youth Exchange Host Family. Just click here.

Ohio Erie Rotary Youth Exchange

We have hosted four Rotary Exchange students: Russia, Taiwan, France, and Mexico...All of these young people have been extremely intelligent and loving...Besides having our own children, being participants in Rotary Exchange is the best thing we have ever had the pleasure of doing.

Tom and Bonnie Metcalfe Carlisle, KY
Ohio Erie Rotary Youth Exchange