I have gotten to meet so many new wonderful people, I got to learn a new language. I got to build lifelong relationships. I got to see a new part of our world and most importantly I loved every second of my exchange.


It's just amazing. If everyone in the world could do an exchange the world would be a better place!


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Welcome to Rotary Youth Exchange the opportunity of a lifetime. Whether you are a student interested in making an exchange, a potential host family for a youth exchange visitor, an interested community member or a volunteer in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program this is a website designed for you. So let’s begin the journey!

Rotary Youth Exchange is a world-wide program designed for youth between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. It is a Rotary organization made up of professional people in all walks of life who are experienced and dedicated to the youth exchange program. Because it is an International Rotary Program, the opportunity of making an exchange is enhanced because you know from the very beginning that Rotary believes in youth and a world changed by youth and enhanced by direct experience. Throughout the entire adventure, Rotary is there guiding, protecting and encouraging those directly involved—especially the youth participating in the program. Because it is a volunteer program, the costs for making an exchange are kept to a minimum.

Ohio-Erie Rotary Youth Exchange Inc. is one of several multi Rotary Districts that provide the program. Ohio-Erie stretches from Canada, to Michigan, to Ohio, to West Virginia, to Kentucky, to Tennessee and to North Carolina. These states and the Rotary Districts within those states have banded together to do a lot of things better and that done alone, could not be done. Ohio-Erie is your go to organization for youth exchange. Just tab into the information presented. It will guide you. And, for every question, there is a person to contact. That contact may be a member of your local Rotary Club or a volunteer in Ohio-Erie. Throughout this website, those contacts are identified for easy access. Rotary is here to help you have the opportunity of a lifetime.

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